Changing direction

Why does no one ever prepare you for life after graduation? There are the motivated, hard working, ‘I know what I want’ students, who will start their first ‘serious’ job right after graduation. Others decide to do a master, get right into studying again. However, most, I think, will first just keep their side job and maybe get some more hours. Others start working in … Continue reading Changing direction

Coping with ADD and other **** during Workaway

Warning: this is a frustration post Even though I think I am a pretty awesome person, there are all kinds of things I don’t like about myself. I am self-centered, stubborn, insecure when it comes to doing anything new and I have massive concentration problems that slows me down in pretty much everything I do. I would not describe myself as the most easy person … Continue reading Coping with ADD and other **** during Workaway