Recently I moved to Malmo to study and MA Migration & Ethnic Relations and thought a small personal project would be interesting and fun to do before and during my studies. I started looking for people who would love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about their ‘home’ country with me. With this project I hope to broaden my knowledge of the world and to make some social connections here in this city. I am also interested in other countries people might have lived in and why they moved to Sweden. The project in not directly related to my studies or the university of Malmo.



I shared my idea in 2 different FB groups, hoping maybe 5 people would respond. Instead, 60 people responded, leaving me in shock. All these people received a video and a link to sign up for interviews. Even though not all 60 people replied, there are currently some interviews planned and I hope to share some of the project online.


At the moment of writing (late August), 4 interviews have been conducted and 6 more are planned. I am surprised by the people who responded. Their kindness, openness, their humor and their intelligence. It’s hard to describe how thankful I am for them to take the time to sit and talk with me and share a lot of personal details and to even become friends.

By conducting the interviews I keep on realizing how much there is I still don’t know. Also about situations in the world that have had an effect on my friends in ways that I never realized and were never talked about. In that sense, I am a little disappointed by myself and feel like I have been missing out on parts of my friends lives simply because of lack of knowledge of their background.

Other than that, I feel I have to always try to keep in touch with people and their stories, especially during this master and maybe even in the during a future job. Learning about policies or reading papers does not bring you to the people, the stories, on a level that I think everyone should experience.