Bike trip along the coast of Sweden & Denmark

I have yet to put a post online about me moving to Sweden, but for now I will entertain you with pictures of a 2 day trip along the coast of Sweden and Denmark.


My friend Jos came to visit for a few days and while we enjoyed Malmo Festival, swimming in the sea and eating falafel, we needed to do something a little more active and outdoors. It won’t be summer weather for much longer I am afraid, so we should enjoy it now!


We started biking without a real plan, only knowing we would take the west sea side of Malmo as a starting point… We ended up biking 130km, 85km from Malmo to Helsingborg on day 1, 45km from Helsingør to Copenhagen on day 2. We took the boat from Helsingborg to Helsingør and the train from Copenhagen to Malmo.

It would look something like this..

Schermafbeelding 2019-08-14 om 16.27.27.png

We started with energy and sun.



Took a well deserved pie and coffee break.





And a dip, right before the bad weather showed itself..



It cleared up pretty quick and we were still -sorta- dry.


After 60 km we took a pizza break in Landskrona, we had a family sized pizza.


It did not do much good for my biking skills and we definitely slowed down a lot compared to a few hours earlier.



Even though we did not plan, we soon found a route ‘by accident’ and decided to follow it. Apparently we biked 2 parts of the 6 parts of the ‘Sydkustleden’ route.


After 85km we decided it was enough for the day. We reached our new goal we made on the way – reach Helsingborg to take the boat to Denmark the next morning..




While we were having our super healthy lunch.. Jos jinxed us by asking why everything was going so well..

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-14 at 15.37.02

And soon after we left it started to rain and rain and rain.


So we stopped along the way to dry a little, but the true biking spirit disappeared about 8km before Copenhagen.



We managed to still get to the central station and took the train back to Malmo..Where after taking some rest, we went out for a good meal and some beers!


3 thoughts on “Bike trip along the coast of Sweden & Denmark

  1. Hee Audrieeee,

    Leuk en sportief avontuur! Petje af hoor.

    Hoe lang hadden je billen nodig om weer gevoel te ervaren? 😉

    Groetjes, Albert


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