Hello again!

Hi there!

It sure has been a long time since I have written anything. The last time I posted a video of my Workaway in Portugal and after that I went silent, so what happened?!

After Portugal I made my way back to Baptiste. Adelindra had left Portugal and after some days at the Workaway place, I felt there was not much left to learn and I rather spent my days in France. I stayed another month in France.

Baptiste had made a table for us out of leftover wood and figured I could paint it. So for a week or so, I spent my time on painting:






Once I got the hang of it, I also painted a smaller ‘table’:



Baptiste and I went on a week’s holiday with the camper:

And you could find us in the swimming pool during the hot days:



After one month I decided it was time to end this trip and go back to NL, not for long since I already made new plans. But I will get back to that..

Looking back on this trip from March to June I am somewhat disappointed in a way. I went to Slovenia thinking I would be doing a lot of Workaway, learn a shitload about all kinds of things and in the end I ‘only’ did Workaway in 4 different places. I did learn a shitload, but I can’t help but thinking I could have done and learned more. During my stay in France I sometimes had the feeling of guilt creeping up on me. There, in France, I had no obligations whatsoever, a loving boyfriend and I could do whatever I wanted. But I left to help others, to learn and experience. Workaway is indeed a great way to learn, for people like me, interested in nature while not having perfected the skills to work with plants, wood, food etc. While Workaway might be feeling very ‘free’ at times; there is no contract, you have a massive amount of options for (unpaid) work, ‘free’ meals and housing, learning opportunities, all kinds of ways to make new friends etc. It also takes a lot from you, depending on your personality; You live on someone else’s property, sometimes even in their house. You adopt to someone else’s day, rules, culture.. The time you take to shower, to be on the internet, how long you sleep, what you eat and sometimes even how you behave can be determined by others. When you are a flexible person, this should not be much of a problem, when you are a somewhat of a flexible person, you will either learn to be more flexible or decide to quit. And I guess in a way, I couldn’t handle being flexible anymore. I longed for my own place again, or at least a place which I consider home and where I don’t have to be so flexible. So I went back to France..

Another ‘problem’ came to light in France, I did not really have a purpose or goal. Baptiste did try everything to give me something to do, the painting, or just having fun together riding to quad bike:


But it made me restless, and I am still somewhat restless I guess. Anyway, so I left France to go back to NL. Saw my friends, went to a concert and arranged some other things.

In the meantime, and I don’t want to get too much into it in this post, I found a possible place to live in Sweden. So I got some of my stuff prepared to make the journey to Sweden and left to see Grandma in the north of NL, where after a week my mom would pick me up to leave NL again for a longer time…

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