France: Reunited with Baptiste and the camper! (+video)

After some workaway experiences in Slovenia it was time to see my boyfriend again!

Baptiste lives in the North of France and is currently back to working for a farmer. When he is working, I am still waking up. cleaning up and preparing the lunch. Not the perfect housewife but a good camper girlfriend 😉

Depending on the weather and my mood, I read, bike, write, cook etc. And it feels good. I like being at this place, seeing more of Baptiste’s life, meeting his family and friends.

When Baptiste is not working, he makes the effort to do nice things. In the video below you can see an impression of our boattrip and one day where I joined Baptiste for his work: sitting on the front of the tractor while he is weeding.

We borrowed the boat and went on a river closeby. It was all nice and cozy when going with the stream, however, going back against it was a big struggle and we eventually gave up by taking the boat out and getting the car to pick it up.

Baptiste picked me up to join him in one of the small tractors of the farm. The farm also has some – in my opinion – HUGE ASS tractors, too big to be honest. This one is a cutie.

While we were on the field Baptiste’s dad spotted us and started hunting us to make pictures 😉

On a dry evening Baptiste made a fire and we finally send the lampion in the air. We got it from my mom some time ago but had not found the chance to use it yet.

Last weekend we went to Paris to go to a party of Baptiste’s friends. The next day we went to the Louvre. Baptisite’s first time! He was not so impressed by the Mona Lisa tho…

More updates to come! Hopefully more in video format.

For now, enjoy the video:

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