Workaway Slovenia: Maribor (with video)

Angela dropped me off on the trainstation on monday morning. For my next place I went all the way up north of slovenia, staying close to the border of Austria.

After the train I took a bus to a town where my host would pick me up. The bus was full of students looking at me with hate, since I was blocking the pathway with my giant bag while hitting someone’s head with my shoes.

My host picked me up and showed me where I would be sleeping;

The whole place was basically organic permaculture paradise. There is a beautiful compost toilet;

And two gardens that provided food for more than just the family. They also had a lot of plants, bushes and trees that grow fruit in the summer.

My first job; weeding. The family just came back from spain and had not yet started on working in the garden this year.

Unfortunately the weather was not that great and it started raining on my second day.

Next to weeding I also worked on a second hand wooden fence we picked up. It took me some time but I defenitely liked sanding and oiling the wood. Especially when you see what the wood looks like when you work on it.

Besides the work, I also enjoyed the company of 3 cats and 1 dog;

After one week however, I decided to leave the family, instead of staying 2 weeks.

During my stay at my previous workaway, I received the news that I am accepted for the master in Sweden. Since I arrived at this place, my head is no longer with the work but with stress about where I am going live in Sweden, the fact that I have to find a job etc. Furthermore, the work I did and the time I spent here, most of it was alone. So instead of being distracted and having fun, I was not living in the moment but stressing about the future.

Since it was also cold, without a heater in the camper, I felt my physical health going down as well. All and all I was nust not happy. So, I reached out to my hosts and they were really understanding. I decided to leave the next day.

Eventhough I could not fully enjoy my time at this place, I stil, want to share my impression video with you. The area has a welcoming vibe and when the sun shine’s, it looks like it is inviting you to work to make it even more beautiful:

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