Workaway Slovenia: Most na Soči (Part 2)

Hi people!

Unfortunately I did not make a lot of pictures at my second workaway place in Slovenia. This means I can’t make an impression video of this place.. Will try to do better in the future!

My time here started with getting into my hosts daily lives; riding around to get material and pick up and welcome family that helped out with the renovation.

While the family was busy with tearing down a wall..

I spent my time doing gardening; cutting small and unwanted trees.

On Sunday my hosts told me to just relax, get a beer and enjoy the sun. Soon enough I also got my hammock out to fully enjoy this lazy Sunday!

On Monday we burned most of the branches that were laying around or that I had cut 2 days before.

And I changed all the plants to bigger pots.

From Tuesday on I had my own project; making compost units. Four in total, to collect fresh branches, grass, leaves and kitchen left overs, one to let it all decompose and one to store the compost that is ready to use. And a smaller separate one to store cow manure from the neighbors.

We got some free pallets from the neighbors workplace that were damaged and broken but still usable, and I started by fixing them up.

After that I started on the real project:

And at the end of the week I was finished:

The lowest front part is removable to scoop out the inside!

I really enjoyed that my hosts just provided my the materials and tools and let me do my own thing. I felt like was at an adults playground!

For my second week there was a lot of rain and not much to do. I spent some time with the neighbor, learning how to drive a tractor.

Watched some movies and cuddled with the dog.

And we had another fire!

Before leaving we took a picture for in the workaway book:

I left on Sunday, heading to Ljubljana to see Angela again and to enjoy one of my favorite foods, burek!

And on Monday it was time to start my new adventure at workaway spot 3!

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